What to Watch: Thursday

Jim and Pam are finally back from their honeymoon but will The Office be the same upon their return? Was the team able to survive without two of the only people who can counter Michael Scott's insanity?

Thursday, October 22

8:00 pm The Vampire Diaries, The CW (1 hr) REPEAT
If you missed it the first time you can catch it again as Vicki wakes up in the hospital and Stefan tries to stop her from remembering what really happened. Plus Elena meets Damon and learns surprising things about Stefan’s past while Jeremy struggles with his feelings for Vicki. Created by out producer Kevin Williamson.

8:00 pm Bones, FOX (1 hr) NEW
Poor Angela and her vow of celibacy are tested and Cam is devastated by the tragedy at the zoo as it is revealed that the man discovered in the tiger cage was her fiancé.

9:00 pm Grey’s Anatomy, ABC (1 hr) NEW
A burn victim unexpectedly dies in the ER and the chief and Larry are on the prowl to find out who is at fault. Surprisingly no one volunteers.

The Office cast

The Office cast

9:00 pm The Office, NBC (30 min) NEW
Jim and Pam are finally back from their honeymoon only to find the office a little different: Michael’s new girlfriend and Dwight with a peace offering.

10:00 pm Project Runway, Lifetime (1 hr) NEW
While the packaging may be a little different it’s still essentially the same fierce show, but the action has moved to LA and a few other twists are likely in store. As always, there are a slew of openly gay contestants. Who will stay and who will hear Heidi bid them auf wiedersehen?