What to Watch: Monday

Blair pulls out ALL the stops on Gossip Girl tonight to make sure that she's chosen to make the freshman toast. She may even use her boyfriend Chuck as leverage, by way of a same-sex kiss perhaps?

Monday, October 19

8:00 pm How I Met Your Mother, CBS (30 min) NEW
Always the thoughtful guy, Barney tries to convince Robin to become a U.S. citizen and Lily causes problems when she tries to join Ted and Marshall’s road trip.

8:00 pm Heroes, NBC (1 hr) NEW
Samuel helps Sylar on his path of self-discovery, Hiro tries to make Emma understand the impact of her abilities and Peter and Noah go to find someone who can heal Hiro.

OMG cutest couple ever!

OMG cutest couple ever!

8:00 pm Dancing With the Stars, ABC (2 hrs) NEW
Ten celebrities remain as they try to master the art of dance in the show’s ninth season. Donny Osmond, Melissa Joan Hart, Michael Irvin, Chuck Liddell, and Aaron Carter are amongst the competitors. Openly gay choreographer Bruno Tonioli returns to judge.

8:00 pm House, Fox (1 hrs) NEW
With Thirteen gone who will help Foreman in his great time of need as the African-dictator case remains open. Plus a detective with no symptoms of heart disease fears for his life as his father, grandfather, and great grandfather all died of heart disease at 40.

9:00 pm Trauma, NBC (1 hr) NEW
The team is tested again as Tyler and Boone are needed at an exploded Chinese restaurant, Rabbit reacts to a bumpy flight, and Nancy’s medical skills are tested.

9:00 pm Gossip Girl, The CW (1 hr) NEW
Vanessa is put to the test as she must impress her mother and compete with Blair to win the chance to deliver the freshman toast. Chuck will do anything to help Blair win this honor, including kissing another man. With Lily and Rufus finally married it seems Jenny and Eric can relax a bit. Dan decides to introduce Olivia to his parents and Serena and Nate join forces to help Carter.

9:00pm GR∑∑K, ABC Family (1 hr) NEW
Is money true power? Evan finds out as his reputation is questioned when people find out he gave up his trust fund. Plus Calvin begins to question his relationship with Grant and Ashleigh goes to extreme lengths to make sure she has a successful party.

11:00pm Million Dollar Listing, Bravo (1 hr) NEW
The boys are back but the housing market is a vastly different place than it was last year. But don’t worry as each boy is growing up and learning how to fend for himself. Josh moves forward and lists land by a golf course, Chad gets a prime listing only to then learn a valuable lesson, and bisexual Madison’s business connections are tested.