What to Watch: Monday

NBC's Trauma joins the Monday night line up which follows the paramedics first to arrive to an accident. Be sure to stay tuned for the introduction of a no doubt bad ass gay character.

Monday, September 28

8:00 pm How I Met Your Mother, CBS (30 min) NEW
Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) decides to take Marshall on a guys’ night out and Ted goes on a blind date with a girl he already went out with year earlier.

8:00 pm Heroes, NBC (1 hr) NEW
Claire deals with the aftermath of inadvertently revealing her powers to her new lesbian friend Gretchen. Elsewhere, Peter deal with the repercussions of his heroic acts and meets another woman with abilities. Samuel goes deep to retrieve memories of his brother and Matt battles inner demons as Sylar reappears in his mind.

8:00 pm Dancing With the Stars, ABC (2 hrs) NEW
Fifteen celebrities remain as they try to master the art of dance in the show’s ninth season. Donny Osmond, Melissa Joan Hart, Michael Irvin, Chuck Liddell, and Aaron Carter are amongst the competitors. Openly gay choreographer Bruno Tonioli returns to judge.

8:00 pm House, FOX (1 hrs) NEW
House is out of the hospital and back to work with the promise of making big changes in his life. While away Foreman fought for House’s job putting his relationship with Thirteen in jeopardy. With a difficult new case, maybe only House can solve it.

Cast of Trauma

Cast of Trauma

9:00 pm Trauma, NBC (1 hr) SERIES PREMIERE
Set in San Francisco, new series Trauma reveals the dangerous world of hard working first-responder paramedics. It’ll soon become clear why everyone isn’t cut out for this job! Among the people who are cut out for the stress is a yet-to-be-revealed gay character. Tune in to find out who it is!

9:00 pm Gossip Girl, The CW (1 hr) NEW
Old habits die hard as Serena fears Carter is reverting back to his old ways. Meanwhile Blair and Chuck go toe-to-toe on an auction bid, Vanessa grows suspicious of Scott, and sneaky Georgina guns it for Dan. Hopefully Jenny and Eric will pop up for some good old-fashioned high school drama.

9:00pm Greek, ABC Family (1 hr) NEW
Oh no, ZBZ is slipping in the ranks! Casey takes it upon herself to make sure ZBZ gets back to the top and plans a fab photo shoot for Lamda Sig’s calendar. Too bad a silly freshman pledge has convinced everyone to boycott. Is ZBZ doomed to be on the bottom of the Greek hierarchy forever?

10:00 pm The Rachel Zoe Project, Bravo (1 hr) NEW
The doctor’s orders are to take it easy. But how can she with Paris Fashion Week quickly approaching. To add to the stress Rachel must chose between Brad and Taylor to go to a high-fashion event. What will Rachel do?