Apple Responds to GLAAD Concerns About Problematic Advertisement

September 25, 2009
UPDATE: We heard back from an Apple publicity representative who told us this ad has not run since 2006 and is no longer featured on the company's website. We explained why the ad was problematic and urged Apple NOT to produce ads with similar themes in the future. They assured us the company is committed to diversity and thanked us for the outreach. GLAAD will continue to encourage companies to produce fair, accurate and inclusive advertisements. ------------------------------------------ After being alerted by constituents about a problematic ad for Apple‘s iMovie, we investigated these complaints and were disappointed to see the usually witty Mac advertisers resort to mocking transgender people in order to sell their product. The ad features model Gisele Bundchen, who is supposed to be the embodiment of a home movie made using iMovie. After the Mac presents Gisele, the PC presents a person wearing a dress identical to Gisele’s, in a wig, with no breasts, a five o’clock shadow and an abundance of exposed chest hair. The ad ends with the line:
“Work in progress?”
Binary Data KNnX6XRQBec GLAAD is concerned that Apple would resort to anti-transgender stereotypes as an adverting strategy.  We have reached out to the company and asked that they pull the ad. We will keep you updated on our communications with Apple.