What to Watch: Thursday

Grey's Anatomy is finally back! How will Seattle Grace fare without their beloved comrade George? It'll be tough but they'll be okay, right?

Thursday, September 24

8:00 pm Saturday Night Live Weekend Update, NBC (30 min) NEW
Once just a segment during SNL, Weekend Update is now its own show and, as always, a comedic look at LGBT issues often factor into the fun.

8:00 pm The Vampire Diaries, The CW (1 hr ) NEW
Stefan joins the football team after an impressive athletic display…one that some might describe as superhuman. Elena invites Stefan and Bonnie to dinner so they can bond but Damon interrupts the evening in this new hit series from out producer Kevin Williamson.

8:00 pm Bones, FOX (1 hr) NEW
With a secret agent down, Brennan and Booth may find themselves chasing the suspect at the very highest branches of the CIA. Plus the team may lose an intern due to lack of funding and the success of Brennan’s new book has Booth a bit peeved.

Callie and Arizona

Callie and Arizona

9:00 pm Grey’s Anatomy, ABC (2 hr) SEASON PREMIERE
It’s a sad affair in this season six opener as everyone looks for a way to deal with their grief over George’s death. Perhaps grief will serve to strengthen Callie’s blossoming relationship with Arizona.

9:00 pm The Office, NBC (30 min) NEW
Toby and Dwight go 007 as they investigate a workers’-compensation claim filled by Darryl in the warehouse. Plus Pam is busy with the wedding and Michael gets all flustered due a request from Jim.

10:00 pm Project Runway, Lifetime (1 hr) NEW
While the packaging may be a little different it’s still essentially the same fierce show, but the action has moved to LA and a few other twists are likely in store. As always, there are a slew of openly gay contestants. Who will stay and who will hear Heidi bid them auf wiedersehen?