Kevin Campbell Could Become First Openly Gay Winner of Big Brother

September 15, 2009
Tonight on CBS' Big Brother 11, Kevin Campbell, a 29-year-ol graphic designer from Chula Vista, California, could become the first openly gay contestant to win the $500,000 grand prize in the show's history. By making it to the final three, Kevin has already advanced further in the game than any gay male contestant before him. (Ivette Corredero, a lesbian, made it to the final two on Big Brother 6 but fell short of first place).
Kevin Campbell could win it all!

Kevin Campbell could win it all!

The start of this season saw the houseguests divided into high school cliques: "Athletes," "Populars," "Offbeats" and "Brains." As a former Jehovah's Witness who was rejected by his family after he came out, Kevin was placed with the "Offbeats" alongside Lydia, a heavily tattooed bisexual make-up artist, and Casey, a fifth-grade teacher who moonlights as a DJ. The other houseguests, some of whom had had little previous interaction with LGBT people, embraced Kevin and were genuinely interested in learning more about his life as a gay man. A particularly touching moment came when Kevin won the Head of Household competition and received a letter from his partner of nine years as a prize. These instances coupled with Kevin's amicable demeanor allowed America to see a positive portrayal of a mature gay man in a committed relationship. Tonight, Kevin will first have to defeat Jordan Lloyd, a 22-year-old waitress from North Carolina, to secure his place in the final two before deciding where to take Jordan or his ally, Natalie Martinez, with him to face the jury vote. In Big Brother, one is always advised to "expect the unexpected." However, if jurors vote based on who played the strongest game, expect Kevin to come out victorious. Be on the lookout on this blog for future stories on our favorite Big Brother houseguest!