What to Watch: Monday

Gossip Girl returns tonight in what will no doubt be another season of money, sex, and glamour. The kids are off to college this year, opening a whole new world of trouble. And what will Eric do in NYC now that the older kids are gone? Who know, but its sure going to be a ton of fun to watch, XOXO!

Monday, September 14

Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl

9:00 pm Gossip Girl, The CW (1 hr) SEASON PREMIERE
Chuck and Blair are settling into their new relationship in a very non-traditional way. Could this have anything to do with Chuck’s upcoming same-sex smooch? Plus Serena comes back from Europe with Carter and Nate returns with a mystery girl, but the real shocker? Dan’s actually liking the posh life in the Hamptons!

9:00 pm Greek, ABC Family (1 hr) NEW
Calvin and Grant are finally taking the next step in their relationship, deciding to go public and venture off-campus for a romantic dinner. Meanwhile Rusty and Jordan try to get closer and Casey fights to save the annual “Undie Run,” which is facing cancellation.

10:00 pm The Rachel Zoe Project, Bravo (1 hr) NEW
The tabloids attack Rachel, which shakes her to her core. But all press is good press right? Of course it is, so off she goes to model for a magazine!