Luke Adams Gives His Take on The Amazing Race 15's Gay Brother Team

September 9, 2009

Earlier today, CBS announced the cast for the upcoming 15th season of The Amazing Race, which premieres on Sunday, September 27. Among the racers are Dan and Sam McMillen, brothers who recently came out to each other. We checked it with our friend, Luke Adams, the openly gay and deaf racer who

finished in third place with his mom on The Amazing Race 14, to get his take on how he thinks the gay McMillen Brothers will fare:

Dan and Sam McMillen from "The Amazing Race 15"

Dan and Sam McMillen from "The Amazing Race 15"

The Amazing Race is BACK!!!

First of all, I want to give a warm welcome to the new members of the Amazing Race family! This time around there are twelve teams that will be racing around the world instead of the usual eleven, which means the race will be way more competitive, much tougher and filled with more twists! Hopefully there will be more Blind U-Turns, were my favorite twist last season.

Among the new teams this season, there's a good looking team of gay brothers, Dan and Sam McMillen. I think their story is pretty heartfelt. They both grew up Christian in a conservative community and didn't come out to each other until last summer, which has strengthened their bond. I hope the race will solidify their relationship even further the way it did with my mom and me. From what I’ve read about Dan and Sam, I would guess that they will go pretty far in the race. Family bonds are strong on the race. On my season, five family teams made it to the final six. I would bet that the brothers will make it at least that far! They're pretty athletic and strong, plus they mentioned that they are both completely opposite from each other which can be a big asset for them to balance themselves out with the tasks they face on the race.

Luke Adams from "The Amazing Race 14"

Luke Adams from "The Amazing Race 14"

One thing that they need to watch out for are the U-Turns because they could easily be perceived as threats, causing the other teams to try to take them out of the game. They are just lucky that I am not on their season because I would definitely try to U-Turn them! After all, alpha male teams usually go pretty far in the race! Dan and Sam will be great at the race as long as they get good cab drivers, keep a good rapport with the other teams and just stay ahead of a few teams in order to avoid being eliminated. I just hope the McMillen brothers wont incur a lot of penalties like the Muñoz brothers did on my season!

My Early Favorites: Dan & Sam, Meghan & Cheyne, and Maria & Tiffany (Go Purple Team!).

My Prediction for First Episode: The McMillen’s will get first place. They better get it or I'll kick their butts!

My Prediction for Final Outcome: Dan & Sam will go out in the final four. Hopefully it won't be a restroom break that causes their elimination at this stage…at least not if they learned anything after watching Jen & Kisha on my season!

Good luck to Dan & Sam!