What to Watch: Monday

Things always look different in the light of day, something our  fave undergrads will find out in the season premiere of Greek. Watch and see what unfolds after the party's over and the hangovers set in.

Grant and Calvin...the morning after

Grant and Calvin...the morning after

Monday, August 31

9:00 pm Greek, ABC Family (1 hr) SEASON PREMIERE
Drama has already hit frat row in this season three opener, picking up right where it left off, with a new day after the “End of the World” party. After resisting the urge all season, Calvin finally kissed his frat brother, Grant, at the aforementioned party. Tune in tonight to see what happened after the make out session.

8:00 pm The Secret Life of the American Teenager, ABC Family (1 hr) NEW
Griffin and Ashley reworked their “no dating in high school” pact last week after Ashley showed interest in a boy. There’s still time for Griffin to find a boy of his own before next week’s season finale!

10:00 pm Rachel Zoe Project, Bravo (1 hr) NEW
Glamour is exhausting! Just ask Rachel as she hunts tirelessly for the perfect Oscar gown for Anne Hathaway. Meanwhile, Taylor is off on a shoot for Jennifer Garner but is also finding her job exhausting to the point that she’s thinking of leaving. She probably wont hear any complaints from Brad.

10:00 pm Making His Band, MTV (1 hr) NEW

Go Ruben!

Go Ruben!

Since Sean “Diddy” Combs’ other music series did so well, he has decided to use this spin-off to document the formation of his own band for his upcoming tour. Competing for one of the coveted back up singer spots is the talented Jaila Simms, a transgender woman from Chicago. Can this fabulous singer win a spot in Diddy’s new band? Better watch and find out!

10:00 pm Dance Your Ass Off, Oxygen (1 hr) SEASON FINALE
Who will walk away the winner after dancing off the most weight? Rueben’s come this far and with boyfriend John on his way to recovery nothing can stop him for winning it all! Go Ruben!

10:00 pm Weeds, Showtime (30 min) SEASON FINALE
Nancy runs for the hills after learning of Esteban’s fate, Andy decides to refocus his life, and Dean, Doug, and Celia come to an understanding. But I’m sure lesbian Isabelle can find other ways to disrupt her mothers’ life.