UPDATE: WWE Chairman Apologizes for “Gay” Comment

As GLAADblog.org reported on Tuesday, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon criticized a pair of Cirque du Soleil performers’ outfits by saying, “Those masks are really gay.” (Video of the incident can be seen here). McMahon made the comment on Monday’s episode of WWE/RAW which airs on the USA Network. McMahon, however, has since contacted GLAAD and issued the following apology:
I apologize.  My comment was not meant to be used in a derisive manner. [GLAAD’s] point is well taken and I agree that people should be more cognizant about their usage of the word ‘gay’.
GLAAD appreciates McMahon's apology and acknowledgement of the problematic nature of his comments. We will continue to keep in touch with the WWE and offer resources on fair, accurate and inclusive terminology.