What to Watch: Thursday

Kick off your Thursday with a little runway, Project Runway that is. Catch all the style, drama, and witty banter you can handle...just remember to make it work!

Thursday, August 27

Dynamic duo of Project Runway

Dynamic duo of Project Runway

8:00 pm Big Brother, CBS (1 hr) NEW
Another housemate is evicted tonight. Hopefully it’s not Kevin, the last member of team rainbow, but you better watch and see.

10:00 pm Project Runway, Lifetime (1 hr) NEW
While the packaging may be a little different it’s still essentially the same fierce show, but the action has moved to LA and a few other twists are likely in store. As always, there are a slew of openly gay contestants, six in total. Who will stay and who will hear Heidi bid them auf wiedersehen?