What to Watch: Monday

Stylist Rachel Zoe is back with the second season premiere of The Rachel Zoe Project. But just as one show returns to Monday nights, The Closer, Raising the Bar, Weeds and Nurse Jackie all air their last new episodes of the season tonight.

Monday, August 24

8:00 pm The Secret Life of the American Teenager, ABC Family (1hr) NEW
Apparently Amy has finally made up her mind and has chosen Ben, but now Ben doesn’t seem as interested anymore. As Amy tries to win Ben back, Grace proves to be an influence on Adrian. Keep an eye out for recurring gay teen Griffin.

9:00 pm The Closer, TNT (1 hr) SEASON FINALE
It’s a family affair as Brenda’s dad comes to take her niece Charlie, played by Kyra Sedgewick’s real-life daughter Sosie Bacon, home to Atlanta. Plus there’s a ninja costume-wearing murderer on the loose. Kevin Bacon directed this episode, which hopefully will also feature an appearance by recurring gay characters Dr. Morales and Det. Mendoza.

Rachel Zoe and her crack pot team

Rachel Zoe and her crack pot team

10:00 pm The Rachel Zoe Project, Bravo (1 hr) SEASON PREMIERE
This season two opener is a star studded event as Rachel and her team dress up five lovely ladies, Anna Hathaway, Cameron Diaz, Demi Moore, Debra Messing, and Eva Mendes, for the Golden Globe Awards. But its not all glitz and glam as the slumping economy has affected the production of couture gowns.

10:00 pm Making His Band, MTV (1 hr) NEW
Since Sean “Diddy” Combs’ other music series did so well, he has decided to use this spin-off to document the formation of his own band for his upcoming tour. Competing for one of the coveted back up singer spots is the talented Jaila Simms, a transgender woman from Chicago. Can this fabulous baritone win a spot in Diddy’s new band? Better watch and find out!

10:00 pm Dance Your Ass Off, Oxygen (1 hr) NEW
It’s the semifinals with only four contestants left. Can fabulous out contestant Ruben maintain his pizzazz and make it to the finales? Better watch and find out

10:00 pm Weeds, Showtime (30min) SEASON FINALE
When Esteban goes missing team Botwin, Nancy, Andy, and Cesar mount a search mission. Meanwhile young lesbian Isabella continues to help daddy Dean and Doug with project revenge on Mommy dearest Celia.

10:00 pm Raising the Bar, TNT (1 hr) SEASON FINALE
Never a dull moment in public defense, Jerry and Michelle go toe to toe over a heroin-addicted pregnant woman. Elsewhere, Roz is off fighting for a carriage driver accused of abusing a horse and attacking a cop, until surprising details come to light. If we’re lucky, Charlie may get a storyline too!

10:30 pm Nurse Jackie, Showtime (30min) SEASON FINALE
Pressed for time during a rendezvous with Kevin, Jackie must stay with Dr. O’Hara, whom she promised to support when her mothers body came from London. Maybe Momo could step in somewhere? Elsewhere Eddie drowns his sorrows at Kevin’s bar only to return to the hospital to cause a scene.