Accused Murderer of Gay Sailor Found Dead

On June 30th Navy Seaman, August Provost was found shot to death, and his guard shack burned at Camp Pendleton, a Marine base in the San Diego area.

August Provost

August Provost

August Provost was a 29-year-old African American man that many media outlets have reported as identifying as gay or bisexual.  Media outlets also reported that Provost’s boyfriend, Kaether Cordero, and family members said that he had  been harassed about his sexual orientation prior to his death.

The family and his boyfriend believe Provost was killed for being gay and because of his race.

On Thursday, 23 July, the Navy announced charges against Jonathan Campos, in conjunction with the murder of August Provost.  Campos was charged with multiple crimes, including murder.  However, the navy maintains that there is no evidence that the murder of Provost was a hate crime.

Now we may never be able to find out what happened, because on Friday July 31, Campos was found dead in his jail cell.  It is believed he committed suicide, by stuffing toilet paper in his own mouth.

GLAAD will continue to report on any new developments.

**UPDATE: The Navy says that the investigation into Provost's murder remains open, despite Campos' death.**