What to Watch: This Weekend

Things are super dramatic this weekend starting with the Degrassi season finale where guns and feelings are flying all over the place. Plus the Darlings are a hot mess with the return of closeted gay Rep. Whatley on Dirty Sexy Money and Ari is running Lloyd ragged on Entourage. How much longer can he take it?

Friday, July 31

8:30 pm Degrassi: The Next Generation, The N (30 min) SEASON FINALE
The drama never stops on Degrassi and the season eight finale is no exception. Holly J and Spinner are held at gunpoint at work forcing Holly to reveal her feelings for Spinner. Meanwhile, Clare and KC join Connor in trying to reunite the gang.

9:00 pm Mental, Fox (1 hr) NEW
Things get a bit spooky tonight as a man being treated for trauma after an accident on the job is actually remembering an accident that happened over 100 years ago. Lesbian psychiatrist Chloe Artis better be on call to help with this haunting.

10:00 pm Real Time with Bill Maher, HBO (1 hr) NEW
This no-holds barred news show is broadcast live, so you never know what to expect. Bill regularly discusses LGBT issues and features gay panelists and commentators, such as Rachel Maddow, who will beon the panel tonight. Calm yourselves, ladies!

11:00 pm Jeffery and Cole Casserole, Logo (30 min) NEW
YouTube sensations Jeffery Self and Cole Escola bring their hilarious web videos from the small screen to the slightly bigger screen.

John Schneider guest stars tonight as Congressman Whatley on Dirty Sexy Money

John Schneider guest stars tonight as Congressman Whatley on Dirty Sexy Money

Saturday, August 1

10:00 pm Dirty Sexy Money, ABC (1 hr) NEW
Closeted gay Congressman Whatley is back and this time his wife has a few things to say to Patrick Darling. Plus: business celebrations, fake murders, babies, and jilted lovers makes this just another day in life of a filthy rich Darling.
Sunday, August 2

8:00 pm Big Brother, CBS (1 hr) NEW
The game is constantly changing so gay housemate Kevin and bisexual Lydia better be on their game if they want to stay off the chopping block when eviction nominations are announced tonight.

9:00 pm True Blood, HBO (1 hr) NEW
Will Bill be able to save Sookie before it’s too late? Will the Fellowship of the Sun condemn their star pupil Jason? And how long will Sam be able to run from Maryann? Better watch and find out!

Fab gay Design Star contestant Nanthan Gulai

Fab gay Design Star contestant Nanthan Gulai

10:00pm Design Star, HGTV (1 hr) NEW
For the contestants’ third challenge, they must design a 10X10 room with the products bought at one store. Let’s see if gay constants Jason and Nathan will be able to handle the pressure.

10:00 pm Brooke Knows Best, VH1 (30 min) NEW
OMG! Brooke, like, sooo tries to go green and get her roommates involved as well. Let’s see if gay BFF Glenn thinks the environment is, like, such a good cause too.

10:30 pm Entourage, HBO (30 min) NEW
Ari, still riding Lloyd, puts him on Andrew watch duty to monitor his extracurricular activities. Meanwhile Drama prepares for his character’s new romance and Turtle goes shopping with Jamie-Lynn, leaving poor movie star Vince all alone. How ever will he pass the time?