What to Watch: This Weekend

It's time to bid a sad good-bye to underrated drama Kings. Will gay prince Jack finally take the throne? Or will David have something to say about it? You don't want to miss this epic battle.

Friday, July 24

8:30 pm Degrassi: The Next Generation The N, (30 min) NEW
Mia considers dropping out of high school when her grades fall due to her modeling. Holly J. is concerned about grades too as she seeks revenge on a teacher who gave her a C
9:00 pm Mental, Fox (1 hr) NEW
Jack will need all the help he can get as he tries to get information about a murder from the the victim’s autistic teenage daughter. Elsewhere Arturo’s father is convinced that playing a doctor on a soap opera will help solve a real medical case. I think lesbian psychiatrist Chloe Artis would beg to differ.

10:00 pm Real Time with Bill Maher, HBO (1 hr) NEW
This no-holds barred news show is broadcast live, so you never know what to expect. Bill regularly discusses LGBT issues and features gay panelists and commentators, so check it out!

11:00 pm Jeffery and Cole Casserole, Logo (1hr) NEW
YouTube sensations Jeffery Self and Cole Escola bring their hilarious web videos from the small screen to the slightly bigger screen.


Saturday, July 25

Will Prince Jack finally take the throne?

Will Prince Jack finally take the throne?

10:00 pm Dirty Sexy Money, ABC (1 hr) NEW
It’s drama as usual over at the Darling’s house. When Tripp’s business endeavor goes sour, it’s up to Patrick to help fix the problem and convince a congressman to reverse his vote. The discovery of the congressman’s personal secret may just be the leverage they need to get their business deal done. Could the congressman be gay? Better watch and find out.

8:00 pm Kings, NBC (1 hr) SERIES FINALE
In the conclusion of this two-part finale, Prince Jack prepares to finally take the throne, but that’s easier said than done. King Silas is still alive and righteous goody-goody David has set out to warn him about plot against him.


Sunday, July 26

8:00 pm Big Brother, CBS (1 hr) NEW
The game is constantly changing so gay housemate Kevin and bisexual Lydia better be on their game if they want to stay off the chopping block when eviction nominations are announced tonight.

8:00 pm Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, ABC (1 hrs) REPEAT
The dream team heads to Rockville, Maryland in this two-part episode to rebuild the home of Felicia Jackson who’s trying to keep her ten nieces and nephews out of foster care. The show features openly gay designer Eduardo Xol.

9:00 pm True Blood, HBO (1 hr) NEW
Poor Lafayette thought Eric would be hard to shake but he’s nothing compared to all the questions Andy has. In Dallas, while Sookie is on a dangerous mission to find Godric, Bill is confronted with his past. Hoyt is still hot for Jessica, Jason is tested at the Light of Day camp and Tara goes off with Eggs. Doesn’t anyone stay in Bon Temps anymore?

Cast of Design Star

Cast of Design Star

10:00pm Design Star, HGTV (1 hr) NEW
For the contestants second challenge, they are divided into two teams to complete a 26-hour kitchen remodel with a $20,000 budget. If gay contestants Jason and Nathan are on the same team the competition is over! If not, well you’ll just have watch and see.

10:00 pm Brooke Knows Best, VH1 (30 min) NEWOMG what is Brooke going to do when her roommates find a stray dog but pets are against condo policy! Totally going to need BFF Glenn’s help on this tough situation!

10:30 pm Entourage, HBO (30 min) NEW
Ari is still putting Lloyd through the ringer as Turtle comes looking for career advice. Maybe Eric should join him since his client Charlie’s new TV show may give him something to worry about.