What to Watch: Monday

It's all about the ladies tonight as Charlene really starts feeling the pressure on Gimme Sugar: Miami, Nancy Botwin has an interesting proposal on Weeds, Rosie O'Donnell and Gloria Estefan drop by Kathy Griffin, and Blythe Danner has a special secret on Nurse Jackie.

Monday, July 13

8:00 pm The Secret Life of the American Teenager, ABC Family (1hr) NEW
High school alone leaves little free time but add a baby into the mix and even sleep becomes a luxury. But not to worry as dad and Ashley come to Amy’s rescue. Soon, Ashley’s new gay friend Griffin will be there to help too!

9:00 pm The Closer, TNT (1 hr) NEW
Lesbian detective Mikki Mendoza could kick some butt in this investigation of the murder of a popular Internet misogynistic ladies’ man soon to be TV show host. Look for Dr. Morales, the openly gay coroner, to pop up as well.

10:00 pm Gimme Sugar: Miami, Logo (30min) NEW
Things are not going Charlene’s way as she get chewed out by a local promoter and Linda & Michelle, but at least she has finally found Truck Stop dancers! Elsewhere Davonee finally tells her bosses that she is in Miami.

10:00 pm Weeds, Showtime (30min) NEW
There’s a surprise condition to Nancy’s engagement to Esteban and Celia discovers she wasn’t cut out to work in a mall. Plus Shane and Ignacio could have something in the works. Here’s hoping they let lesbian teen Isabelle in on their scheme.

Just the gals out and about

Just the gals out and about

10:00 pm Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List, Bravo (1 hr) NEW
Apparently being on the D-List isn’t too shabby as Team Griffin heads to Miami’s luxury Star Island to buy a second home. Once there, Kathy meets up with Rosie O'Donnell and Gloria Estefan, all while enjoying her swarming fans and paparazzi. Later Kathy tests her managerial skills as Gloria lets her run one of her hotels for a day.

10:00 pm Raising the Bar, TNT (1 hr) NEW

Emotional Jerry decides to rely on the jury’s emotions rather than the hard facts of a manslaughter case. Plus Richard has too much on his plate, which causes a judicial fumble. Will gay law clerk Charlie finally be able to move up the judicial latter?

10:30 pm Nurse Jackie, Showtime (30min) NEW
Jackie is faced with a difficult decision when a former co-worker asks her to help in an assisted suicide. Plus Blythe Danner guests stars as Coop’s mother with a gallbladder attack leading Jackie and Dr. O’Hara to uncover interesting facts about Coop’s Family. Namely: Coop has two moms!