Artie Lang Makes Anti-Gay Jokes on HBO's Joe Buck Live; HBO Continues Re-Airing Episode

June 23, 2009

Comedian and Howard Stern Show regular Artie Lang appeared on the debut episode of Joe Buck Live last week and offered up a slew of unfunny and offensive comments at the expense of the LGBT community. The episode continues to air on HBO.

After host Joe Buck declared that TMZ was his favorite website, Lang retorted by saying: "Joe, TMZ is your favorite website? What's your second, suckingc**"

He then launched into a stereotypical impersonation of an effeminate man and said: "I'm on TMZ constantly, did you see what Angelina was wearing today? What the f**k, how about going to a sports website for Christ's sake?"

Finally, after admitting to being "a well-known homophobic" [sic], Lange then claimed: "It's like a white trash gift from god that the f**king Cowboys have a quarterback whose last name rhymes with homo."

See the video (WARNING - Explicit content):

Buck was visibly uncomfortable during the segment and HBO has taken some action. We thank HBO Sports President Ross Greenburg for announcing his decision to ban Artie Lang from future appearances on HBO Sports and Joe Buck Live.

And yet, the problematic episode has re-aired several times since the original broadcast and is scheduled to do so eight more times through the end of the month. GLAAD reached out to HBO and expressed our concern. However, HBO has refused to cease re-airing the episode or edit out Lang's comments. If HBO is truly committed to taking appropriate steps to respond Artie Lang and his offensive brand of humor, we call on the network to remove Lang's anti-gay comments from future airings of Joe Buck Live.

Contact HBO and voice your concern: (212) 512-1000