GLAAD Announces New President - Watch Welcome Video

GLAAD just issued a press release announcing that Jarrett T. Barrios, a former State Senator from Massachusetts, will serve as GLAAD’s new President. In the statement, Barrios is quoted as saying:
We’re making progress toward equality, but we’ll only achieve full equality if we change hearts and minds – and that’s what GLAAD is all about. We’re working for the day when every one of us is accepted, respected and valued for the contributions we make to this country. It’s an ambitious goal, but I know we can do it. I believe in our community, and I believe in our country.
GLAAD's New President, Jarrett T. Barrios

Jarrett T. Barrios

Yvette Burton, Co-Chair of GLAAD’s Board of Directors, responded:
Jarrett is an inspiring, new voice for the national movement. As a Latino and a parent, he will build bridges among communities. He is also an accomplished progressive leader and activist with the talent and experience to take GLAAD and our movement to new heights.
Laurie Perper, Co-Chair of GLAAD’s Board of Directors, also responded:
Jarrett’s advocacy and proven results are a natural fit with GLAAD’s work to shape our culture through the media and raise visibility for LGBT people and issues. GLAAD’s work to change hearts and minds is needed today more than ever. It’s the only way our community will see real change.
From LGBT advocate and author David Mixner:
In this historical battle for freedom for LGBT citizens, we need not only good leaders but great leaders. The selection by GLAAD of Jarrett Barrios to lead them in their invaluable work is simply brilliant. As a father, husband, former legislator and son of immigrants from Cuba, no one understands more than Jarrett what is at stake in this powerful moment in our history. What incredibly good news for the LGBT community to have him in a position of national leadership.
You can read much more about Jarrett Barrios' background and achievements in our full press release. Also, watch his introductory video below:

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