5th Annual Pride Celebration To Be Held In The World of Warcraft

June 10, 2009
The world's largest LGBT online gaming guild officially announced the 5th annual World of Warcraft Pride Celebration, to be held Saturday June 20th at 12pm PDT, via press release Monday. You can also read the invitation on the guild's website by clicking here. As noted in the invitation, this year's celebration very much mirrors activities to be found in real world pride celebrations, such a craft fair, a fashion show, a dance party and even floats. Guild founder Benjamin Hardin, who has been interviewed previously by various news outlets for his LGBT organizing in the WOW, had this to say about the guild's in-game efforts:
"Because the misunderstanding, disrespect, anti-gay slurs and stigma we see in virtual worlds parallels those we find in the real one, we respond online in a similar manner by creating a supportive, accepting, respectful social atmosphere and celebrating our lives with events like our upcoming fifth annual in-game pride celebration."
Check out last year's celebration below: