National Newspapers Respond to Prop 8 Decision in Editorial Pages

Following the decision by California's Supreme Court to uphold Proposition 8, national newspapers have taken a stand for marriage equality, publishing editorials that criticize the Court's ruling as unjust and ultimately un-American. On May 27, The New York Times printed an editorial called "A Setback for Equality," lamenting the Prop. 8 decision and calling it an "affront to gay men and lesbians and to [the] fundamental values enshrined in the [CA] state Constitution." The editorial minces no words leading in with the assertion that "the California Supreme Court got it terribly wrong." Yet the The New York Times encourages the LGBT community and its allies to share in its optimism for the future:
Polls show growing support for marriage rights for all Americans. We remain confident that the California ruling was a temporary setback.
The Los Angeles Times published a similarly critical editorial titled "Prop. 8 Fight Is Not Over," which called the Court's ruling "crushing to same-sex couples and those who support their right to marry." The Los Angeles Times also voiced its strong support of marriage protections for same-sex couples:
Marriage is a fundamental right under the state Constitution-or it was before Proposition 8-that should not be denied to any group long targeted by discriminatory practices.
In a Wednesday editorial titled "Proposition 8 Ruling: Separate and Unequal,"The San Francisco Chronicle also voiced its disappointment in the ruling:
There is a word for this type of unequal treatment: Discrimination.
The Chronicle goes on to denounce the decision on the basis that "separate is not equal" but ends with a note of encouragement for marriage equality allies:
It will take another trip to the ballot box to remedy this injustice. Public opinion is shifting, as evident by the lack of an uproar over the sanctioning of same-sex marriage in other states. Time is on the side of marriage equality.
The Ventura County Star "share[d] the disappointment of many" in an editorial called "Equality Just A Matter of Time," which also mourned the Court's ruling. Though the Star also pressed that it is only a matter of time before marriage for same-sex couples is finally realized in California. In rebuking the CA Supreme Court's decision to uphold Prop. 8, some of the largest newspapers in the country have once again voiced their support for marriage for same-sex couples.  Though the Court's decision is also a tremendous disappointment, newspapers such as The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Ventura County Star and many others across the nation are to be commended for their ongoing support for marriage equality.