WJLA Host Threatens LGBT Blogger Michael Rogers With Violence

On May 6, Washington D.C. based WJLA-TV host Doug McKelway made an on-air threat of violence against LGBT Blogger Michael Rogers of PageOneQ. The incident happened during a segment on the program, Let’s Talk Live. During a heated interview McKelway said he’d like to give Rogers “a punch across the face.”

In a follow up segment on May 7, McKelway adamantly refused to apologize for his dangerous remarks.

You can also view both videos here. You can also read more on the incident here and here.

Take Action

Write to WJLA and voice your concerns about McKelway’s threat of violence toward Michael Rogers and his refusal to issue an apology. Demand that WJLA hold the host accountable for using his platform to promote violence. Alex Likowski, News Director WJLA-TV (703) 236-9368 alex@news8.net Doug McKelway, Anchor WJLA-TV (703) 236-9368 dmckelway@wjla.com