Dr. Phil Gives Up the Search for Fake Bisexual Teens, For Now

Last week, a teazer appeared on Dr. Phil's website that stated:

Is your teenager rebelling by pretending to be bi-sexual? Has your teen pretended to be bi-sexual because he/she thinks it's cool? Or has your teenage daughter pretended to be bi-sexual to attract boys?

Please email only if you are willing to appear on TV.

Soon after, Queers United sent out a call to action on their blog. Bisexual blogger Sheela Lambert and others from the community responded by writing letters and reaching out to GLAAD for assistance.

GLAAD responded by contacting a producer of the Dr. Phil show with concerns about the defamatory nature of this teazer and offered to provide bisexuality expert spokespeople to participate in a possible show about bisexuality.

We received this response:

We are not planning on doing a show like this right now or in May sweeps. We are going into hiatus next week and will not be taping for a while. We have many plugs up because we are always looking for interesting stories. If a story like this should come to fruition we will attempt to contact you.

Thank you.

Soon after GLAAD made contact with the producer, we noted that the teazer was removed.

h/t to BiWriters and Queers United