What to Watch: Thursday

April 9, 2009
ABC is the place to be tonight! We've got a brand new Samantha Who? with a gay story that's sure to delight, and a Grey's Anatomy that's an oldie but goodie, and sometimes, that's all right!

If you were a closeted NBA player, wouldn't you fake-date this woman?

> 8:30 PM Samantha Who?, ABC (30 min) NEW Andrea’s pro-basketball player is outed, sending her into a tizzy, not because he’s gay, but because this may mean the end of all the perks she’s been getting by dating a celeb. > 9:00 PM Grey's Anatomy, ABC (1 hr) REPEAT Remember Sadie, that crazy intern who cut herself up so that the other interns could operate on her? Well she’s all over this December repeat, making Callie hot and bothered with her flirtatious looks.