What You Should Be Watching

March 11, 2009
Already missing The L Word? Hungry for lesbian images? Believe it or not, you should be watching a soap. And no, we're not talking about All My Children, with the tumultuous love between Bianca and Reese. We're talking about CBS' long-running Guiding Light. For weeks, sparks have flown between Olivia and Natalia, but they are now officially a couple -- and setting the soap world ablaze. The Advocate held a great interview with the two actresses portraying "Otalia" (yes, there's a fan name for the couple). Be sure to read the full story here, but we liked these excerpts:
Have there been challenges, as an actress, as opposed to when you are in a heterosexual relationship story line? Crystal Chappell: No. I have approached this as a basic simple love story. I think it’s really non-gender-specific in my world as an actress. My character has found she’s falling for another woman. It’s still what I have always done in terms of my work and the approach to it. I did feel, however, that we needed to take it slowly and not sensationalize it. If you think about how long we have taken to get to this point; it was intended to create a long-term bond between these two characters. We take baby steps at times to create a love story that the audience can invest in. Jessica Leccia: It may have been a bit easier because we did not play that we were in love. Maybe it seemed a bit banal, but we were literally folding laundry in one scene and moments came out of that. Our relationship developed slowly and it was sometimes ugly and sometimes pretty and normal ... which is what friendships are. What about the first time you two kissed on-screen? Was it nerve-racking? Crystal: I am always a little nervous when I kiss somebody. Your heart flutters and you think, Did I brush my teeth? Jessica: In the first kiss you think, Is my lip too high? Did I make a scowly face? Crystal: And you want it to look pretty! Jessica: It was really nice. Good times.
Guiding Light airs weekdays on CBS. Check local listings for air times.