What to Watch: This Weekend

January 30, 2009

Lots of new TV to look forward to this weekend, including both real and fictional football, awkward lesbian crushes and a new romance for two friends. Spicy!


> 9:00 PM Friday Night Lights, NBC (1 hr) NEW
No appearance from lesbian Mayor Rodell tonight, but admit it: you’re hooked on the drama of the Dillon Panthers. What’s not to love?!


David Bromstad

David Bromstad

> 9:00 PM Color Splash, HGTV (30 min) NEW
Gay interior designer David Bromstad reworks living spaces. Tonight he uses the arts-and-crafts style to reshape a home.


> 9:00 PM Big Love, HBO (1 hr) NEW
Heather’s secret crush on Sarah turns a bit, ahem, awkward, when the two go to the Prom together.

> 9:00 PM The L Word, Showtime (1 hr) NEW
Shane and Jenny? Really? Let’s see if this so-called “romance” lasts ’til the end of the episode, let alone the entire season.

> 10:00 PM The United States of Tara, Showtime (30 min) NEW
In this new comedy about a woman with multiple personalities, Marshall is her sweet, sensitive son who has a crush on a cute boy from class.

> 10:30 PM The Office, NBC (1 hr) NEW
Airing right after the Super Bowl, this very special hour-long Office features Jessica Alba, Jack Black, Cloris Leachman, and of course the regular cast of characters, including gay accountant Oscar.