Out Avon Rep Star of Superbowl Ad

January 30, 2009
There will be at least one out LGBT person featured during the highly-anticipated Superbowl commercials on Sunday. Daryn DeZengotita of Dallas is one of five Avon sales representatives chosen to serve as the “faces of Avon.” The ads will serve as recruitment vehicles to interest other women in selling the Avon product. "They wanted to tell people that if you’re worried about [the downturn] in the economy and are looking for a way to make extra money, now is the perfect time to become an Avon representative,” DeZengotita, an eight-year Avon veteran told the Dallas Voice. The commercial is expected to be the second commercial spot after Jennifer Hudson — who is also a spokeswoman for Avon — sings the National Anthem. “It’s been rumored that it will also run during the halftime show. But I have been told that isn’t true,” the mother of two sons noted. Tune in to find out!