EXCLUSIVE - Interview With Ryan & Chet From The Real World: Brooklyn

If you missed our first few interviews with some of the cast members from this season of MTV's The Real World, you can click here to see JD & Scott's interview and click here to see Katelynn's.   This season is the most LGBT inclusive Real World to date! And if you missed the first couple of episodes, you can visit MTV's website and watch them along with video dailies from the cast members. Below is our exclusive interview with Ryan & Chet, two straight cast members who initially don't seem as open to the LGBT housemates, especially Katelynn, as the other cast members.  Ryan was once in the military and is from a small town in Pennsylvania while Chet is from Salt Lake City, Utah and is Mormon.  I ask Ryan about serving with gays in the military and I ask Chet about the role of the Mormon Church in Prop 8 and about attitudes towards LGBT people.  Their answers are surprising!