Tickets Now on Sale for Palm Springs Film Fest

Milk screenwriter Dustin Lance Black will premiere his new film, Pedro, at the 20th Annual Palm Springs International Film Festival, alongside 17 other LGBT-inclusive films Jan 8-19. In addition, both Sean Penn and Gus Van Sant are being honored for their work in Milk during the festival’s opening gala on Tuesday, January 6.

Between Sundance and Palm Springs (and Berlin hot on their heels!) how can you possibly plan all your LGBT viewing? Here’s a snapshot of the LGBT-inclusive film schedule happening in Palm Springs. Fortunately, all movies screen twice!

Friday, January 09
7:00 PM Eugene
7:00 PM Patrik, Age 1.5

Saturday, January 10
10:00 AM Eugene
10:00 AM Patrik, Age 1.5
6:30 PM Suddenly, Last Winter
7:00 PM American Primitive

Sunday, January 11
12:30 PM Suddenly, Last Winter
7:30 PM Prodigal Sons

Monday, January 12
10:00 AM Of Time and the City
7:30 PM Ready? OK!

Tuesday, January 13
10:00 AM Prodigal Sons
1:30 PM American Primitive
3:30 PM Clapham Junction
4:00 PM Of Time and the City
7:30 PM Baby Love

Wednesday, January 14
9:30 AM Born in 68
1:30 PM Ready? OK!
3:30 PM Be Like Others
4:30 PM I Can't Think Straight
7:30 PM Chef’s Special

Thursday, January 15
9:30 AM Be Like Others
1:30 PM Chef’s Special
3:30 PM For My Wife
6:30 PM Showgirls, Provincetown, MA

Friday, January 16
9:30 AM Clapham Junction
10:30 AM Baby Love
12:30 PM For My Wife
4:00 PM Valentino: The Last Emporer
6:00 PM Pedro
7:30 PM Woman’s Hearts

Saturday, January 17
9:30 AM Pedro
10:30 AM I Can't Think Straight
12:00 PM Valentino: The Last Emporer
12:30 PM Showgirls, Provincetown, MA
2:30 PM Woman’s Hearts

Sunday, January 18
6:30 PM Born in 68