Woman's Hearts

aka Corozones de mujer LGBT Content: Transgender Genre: Drama, 85 min. Language: Italian English Sub-Titles Rating: NR Director: Pablo Benedetti, David Sordella Writer: David Sordella, Pablo Benedetti Starring: Aziz Ahmeri, Ghizlane Waldi, Mohammed Wajid Distributor: TBA Release Date: Italy, 2008 Synopsis: Shakira, a pre-op Moroccan transgender dressmaker is creating a traditional Arab wedding gown for her client, bride-to-be Zina. But in order to be true to Arab customs, Zina must regain her virginity before she weds, and the two set off on a road trip from Italy to Morocco for the operation. US Premiere at the Palm Springs International Film Festival Friday, January 16, 7:30 PM Palm Springs Regal 9 Saturday, January 17, 2:30 PM Palm Springs Regal 9