Patrik, Age 1.5

aka: Patrik 1,5

LGBT Content: Gay
Genre: Drama, 100 min.
Language: Swedish English Sub-Titles
Rating: NR
Director: Ella Lemhagen
Writer: Ella Lemhagen
Starring: Gustaf Skarsgârd, Torkel Petersson, Tom Ljungman
Distributor: Svensk Filmindustri,
Release Date: Sweden, 2008

Synopsis: A bureaucratic blunder — in this case a misplaced punctuation mark — means that gay couple Göran and Sven's newly adopted 15-month-old cherub turns out to be a homophobic 15-year-old boy with a dubious past. Director Ella Lemhagen mixes comedy and drama with a dash of romance in this sprightly piece.

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Screening at the Palm Springs International Film Festival

Friday, January 09, 7:00 PM
Annenberg Auditorium

Saturday, January 10, 10:00 AM
Annenberg Auditorium