LGBT Content: Gay
Genre: Drama
Rating: NR
Director: Peter Bratt
Writer: Peter Bratt
Starring: Benjamin Bratt, Erika Alexander, Jeremy Ray Valdez, Jesse Borrego, Talisa Soto Bratt
Distributor: TBA
Release Date: TBA

Synopsis: A recovering alcoholic and ex-con that gets by on intimidation, Che is also a devoted father to teenage son Jesse, who he violently rejects after discovering that Jesse is gay. Prompted in part by his headstrong neighbor Lena, Che must confront his long held prejudices to repair his parental relationship.

Premiering at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival

Screening Times
Monday, January 19, 8:30 pm         Prospector Square Theatre, Park City
Wednesday, January 21, 2:30 pm    Library Center Theatre, Park City
Friday, January 23, noon                 Egyptian Theatre, Park City
Saturday, January 24, 9:45 pm        Broadway Centre Cinemas V, SLC