Carrey Hits on Ellen, Misses on Letterman

December 18, 2008
Jim Carrey has been busy promoting his film Yes Man, which opens on Friday. As he's made his way through various talk shows, the actor, who plays a gay man in the upcoming comedy I Love You Phillip Morris, has been uneven when speaking about LGBT issues. Let's start with the good: Ellen. Carrey told the host his personal life has been altered after appearing in Yes Man. Right off the bat, the actor told her, "Pretty much I've said yes to everything but Proposition 8." Check out the clip here: Binary Data Al_s-TZfC4U And now the bad: The Late Show with David Letterman As you will see, Carrey makes a cringe-worthy joke about not hugging a "dude." Judge for yourself: Binary Data XC6jeWJFYSY While he's out saying "yes," in our opinion, this is one gag Carrey should have said no to, and we hope that it's not an indication of the kind of late-night press junket appearances the actor will find himself in when he's out promoting a film where he's actually playing a gay man. Letterman, meanwhile, seems to think he's pushing the envelope lately when it comes to gay banter. He gave James Franco a hard time for kissing Sean Penn in Milk, and now says "They're so gay," about Carrey's "Tub Time" gag with Larry King. Note to Dave: Not funny, offensive. Only time will tell, but it is our hope that once Phillip Morris hits theaters in 2009, Carrey will treat his character -- and the gay community -- with the dignity and respect it deserves.