ABC Adds New Gay-Inclusive Comedy

December 18, 2008
ABC -- affectionately known as "Gay-BC" by queer television bloggers because of its longstanding inclusion of LGBT issues in its programming -- has just greenlit a comedy pilot that features a gay couple at the heart of the show. An American Family, from Steven Levitan and Christopher Lloyd, revolves around three families living in the same suburb: a family composed of a working dad, stay-at-home mom and three kids; another that includes a 60-year-old man who becomes a stepfather after marrying a  Colombian single mom 30 years his junior; and a gay couple with an adopted Vietnamese baby. Though ABC has ordered the pilot, it does not guarantee that we will see An American Family on the air this fall. In the meantime, we'll just have to keep our fingers crossed that viewers can tune in to see a "first" on television: series regular gay parents.