Top Stories Today - 11.20.2008

National News:

Los Angeles Times: Prop. 8 Gay Marriage Ban Goes to Supreme Court
The California Supreme Court voted 6-1 to review legal challenges to Prop. 8, but refused to stay the measure's ban on marriage for gay couples. The lawsuits argue that Prop. 8 is an improper revision of the state constitution and takes away courts' ability to ensure equal protection for minorities.
Wall Street Journal: EHarmony Settles Dispute Over Gay Matches
Settling a discrimination complaint in New Jersey, dating Web site eHarmony will end its practice of not providing its services to gay people. The change is expected to be implemented by March 31, 2009.
Los Angeles Times: EDITORIAL: The Courts and Prop. 8
"The court already has found that same-sex marriage is a fundamental right; now it has the opportunity to fulfill its constitutional obligations to guard against the tyranny of the majority and to ensure that elections do not become vehicles of repression."
Associated Press: Gay Advocates Upset at Shelving of Chicago School
Amid the withdrawal of plans for Chicago's Social Justice High School: Pride Campus this week, advocates are expressing concern that the nation's third-largest district has yet to implement substantial programs to address the needs of gay students.
Associated Press: Calif. Supreme Court to Take Up Gay Marriage Ban
Oral arguments could be scheduled as early as March 2009 in the lawsuits over Prop. 8. According to Lambda Legal, the California Supreme Court has looked at nine past legislative acts or ballot initiatives as improper revisions, invalidating three of them.

Regional News:

San Francisco Chronicle (CA): State Supreme Court Rejoins Prop. 8 Battle
As the California Supreme Court voted 6-1 to hear legal challenges to Prop. 8, legal experts consider Justice Joyce Kennard's vote against hearing the cases. Kennard was one of the justices in the majority of the court's 4-3 marriage decision.
Salt Lake Tribune (UT): Legislative Panel Approves First Gay-Rights Bill
The first piece of Equality Utah's Common Ground Initiative, a wrongful-death measure that would protect gay couples and other financially dependent non-married people, cleared a legislative committee Wednesday but met harsh opposition from anti-gay activists. [WHBQ-13] (TN): Former Memphis Cop Indicted for Duanna Johnson Beating
Bridges McRaw, whose brutal beating of since-murdered transgender woman Duanna Johnson was caught on videotape, has been indicted for exercising unreasonable force, using a dangerous weapon, and causing bodily injury to Johnson.
Sacramento Bee (CA): Assembly Speaker Bass Assails Anger Directed at Blacks After Prop. 8 Vote
Calif. Assembly Speaker Karen Bass told the Bee that she is appalled by the hostility that has been directed at African Americans in the wake of Prop. 8, saying that black support for the measure was "a generational issue" and that "the first place that the healing needs to happen is in the LBGT community - white and black."
Santa Cruz Sentinel (CA): Transgender Community Seeks End to Violence, Discrimination
Santa Cruz, Calif., is one of many cities where Transgender Day of Remembrance vigils will be held today. According to the Sentinel, two Californians were murdered this year because of their gender identity: Lawrence King, 15, and Rita Molina, 22.
Hartford Courant (CT): EDITORIAL: Sentiments Shift
The Hartford Courant editorial board says that public sentiment is shifting in favor of LGBT equality, referring to gay visibility in popular culture, companies' diversity policies, anti-discrimination laws, and recent polling showing support for marriage in Conn. and the repeal of DADT.

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