Vigil Held for Lateisha Green

A vigil was held last night for Lateisha Green, a 22 year-old African American transgender woman. Lateisha, also known as Teish, was murdered Monday in Syracuse, NY. According to an article from News 10, Lateisha's family and friends as well as community members attended the vigil. The Director of the Syracuse University's LGBT Resource Center, Adrea Jaehnig, noted that such a murder often has deeper meanings for the community.
Lateisha Green. Image from News-10.

Lateisha Green. Image from News-10.

"We should be concerned and outraged that this happened, but I think we need to look deeper at the roots of where this hatred comes from."
Lateisha's family and the Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund are requesting that the murder be investigated as a potential hate crime. According to the same article, police believe Lateisha was killed because of who she was, but are still investigating. The District Attorney's office will determine if the murder is a hate crime. Vera House, a support center for survivors of domestic and sexual assault, has set up a crisis response number to assist with Lateisha's death. If you need to talk about the crime and how it's impacting you or a loved one, you can call (315) 468-3260.