Misconceptions About Proposition 8 on 'The View'

The hosts of the daytime show The View had a lengthy debate last week about California's Proposition 8. Some of the information they injected into the debate, however, was misleading and false. After GLAAD sent the hosts an email clarifying the facts surrounding Proposition 8, Whoopi Goldberg helped clarify some of the misconceptions. See below for a description of each segment and watch the video. 11.07.08 11:07 am - The hosts of The View debate at length Calif.'s Prop. 8 and the misleading claims of the campaign in support of it, as well as Ark.'s gay adoption ban. Whoopi Goldberg: "I always say, if you think gay marriage is wrong, don't marry a gay person."

11.10.08 11:00 am - The hosts of The View circle back to an earlier show's discussion about Calif.'s Prop. 8. Whoopi Goldberg reads from a fact sheet sent by GLAAD to correct some misconceptions about marriage for gay couples and the law in California.