Increased Media Coverage of Proposition 8 and Protests

Since election day, there has been a great deal of media coverage on the passage of Proposition 8 in California which bans marriage for gay couples. Below you will find a collection of some recent coverage of both the ongoing debate over Proposition 8 and the grassroots protests that have been forming all across the country.

11.06.08 08:49 pm - Bill O'Reilly and guests argue that when justices of the Calif. Supreme Court hear the lawsuits filed against Prop. 8, they may invalidate the anti-gay amendment because they already voted to lift the state's marriage ban.

11.07.08 10:50 pm - Anderson Cooper interviews the Family Research Council's Tony Perkins, who claims about Prop. 8's passage, "There's no oppression here. It's an attempt to redefine the 5,000-year institution of marriage. And the people of California have spoken."

11.09.08 08:10 am - Good Morning America covers the protests over Prop. 8 and interviews LGBT equality advocate Ron Buckmire and his husband, Dean Elzinga, about the anti-gay amendment's painful effects on gay couples.

11.09.08 09:16 am - Marriage equality advocates all over Calif. gathered to protest Prop. 8's passage this weekend. LGBT advocate Rose Green: "This was not a gift, this is our constitution, and what our contitution says is that we are to be treated equally. All people."

11.09.08 09:31 pm - Calif. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger calls the passage of Prop. 8 "unfortunate," but says he believes it will go back to the courts, and that the unions of gay couples who were already married in the state are "not at all" in jeopardy.

11.10.08 09:19 pm - Rachel Maddow covers the widespread, grassroots protests of Calif.'s Prop. 8: "Looking at five straight days of huge, spontaneous protests all over the state and beyond, it's a good reminder of how galvanizing it can be to have an existing right taken away, no matter who does the taking."

11.10.08 09:54 pm - Bill O'Reilly denounces Prop. 8 protests in front of Rick Warren's church: "My problem here is that they're directing their ire toward the wrong target. To go after a church, which is a private institution, they're preaching based on biblical teachings. And there are biblical admonitions against homosexuality."

11.11.08 09:31 pm - Saddleback Church Pastor Rick Warren addresses a question about a gay member of his congregation being conflicted over his support of Prop. 8: "I just am opposed to redefining marriage. For five thousand years that term, 'marriage,' has represented a man and a woman."

11.11.08 11:23 pm - Jane Velez-Mitchell interviews Freedom to Marry's Evan Wolfson and the anti-gay Liberty Counsel's Mathew Staver on their opposing viewpoints on Prop. 8 and marriage protections for gay couples in Calif.