Hate Crime Victim Duanna Johnson Shot to Death

November 12, 2008
Incredibly sad news. On the night of Sunday, November 9, Duanna Johnson, who you may remember was involved in a police brutality case in Memphis earlier this year, was shot to death over the weekend.  Her body was found lying in the street on Saturday night. Only two local news outlets - the Memphis Flyer and the local ABC/CW affiliate - have picked up the story.  Few details have been released, but after a witness reportedly heard gunshots, three people were seen fleeing the crime scene. Investigators have yet to identify any suspects. Johnson, a transgender woman, garnered media attention earlier this year when she shared her story about being verbally assaulted and brutally beaten by two Memphis police officers in June. A video of the attack was leaked and both police officers were fired from the department.  Johnson was trying to leave Memphis and move back to her hometown of Chicago.  She had filed suit against the city for a violation of civil rights. We'll keep you posted as more information becomes available.