Top Stories Today - 11.06.2008

National News:
11.06.08 09:47 am - LGBT equality groups and advocates, including Lambda Legal, the ACLU and the National Center for Lesbian Rights, and the cities of L.A. and S.F., filed three lawsuits asking the Calif. Supreme Court to overturn Prop. 8, arguing that the measure is an illegal constitutional revision.
11.06.08 09:43 am - Gay couples who were married in Calif. ponder the fate of their unions and express disappointment over Prop. 8’s passage, but not despair. George Takei: “There are going to be heartbreaks, setbacks and sacrifices to be made, but we will soldier on.”
11.06.08 09:12 am - The Los Angeles County Registrar’s Office stopped issuing marriage licenses to gay couples Wednesday night after 99 percent of Calif. voting precincts reported Prop. 8’s passage.
11.06.08 08:56 am - The Los Angeles Times writes that “If the election of Barack Obama as president teaches us anything, it is that the road to civil rights is long and rough but eventually leads to the right place,” and that young voters’ opposition to Prop. 8 is “encouraging.”
11.06.08 08:53 am - John Corvino says that eventually, Prop. 8’s passage “will prove legally unwieldy, or socially inconvenient, or morally embarrassing - probably all of the above - and California will revisit the marriage question.”
11.06.08 08:39 am - Many gay couples and LGBT equality advocates say they’re surprised and dismayed by Prop. 8 passing in Calif., but that they’ll continue to work towards equality despite the loss.
11.06.08 08:35 am - The Wall Street Journal claims that the passage of marriage bans in three states “is a warning to the Obama Administration as it bids to seed the federal courts with judicial liberals.”
11.06.08 08:24 am - Ellen DeGeneres said she is “saddened beyond belief” by the fact that Calif. voters approved Prop. 8, and that with the anti-gay amendment’s passage, “we took a giant step away” from equality.
11.06.08 08:20 am - More than 1,000 protesters rallied against the passage of Calif.’s anti-gay Prop. 8 on the streets of L.A. and West Hollywood Wednesday night.
11.05.08 09:00 am - Calif.’s anti-gay marriage amendment, Prop. 8, passed with 52 percent of the vote in Tuesday’s election after heated, expensive campaigns on both sides of the fight over marriage equality.
11.05.08 08:50 am - The New York Times‘ editorial board on states’ marriage bans passing: “Struggles over civil rights never follow a straight trajectory, and the ugly outcome of these ballot fights should not obscure the building momentum for full equality for gay people…”
11.05.08 08:27 am - While LGBT equality advocates are lamenting losses in Calif., Ariz., Ark. and Fla., anti-gay groups are calling the passage of ballot measures banning marriage or adoption for gay couples in these states “a great victory.
Regional News:
11.06.08 11:01 am - Over 2,000 marriage equality advocates gathered outside San Francisco’s City Hall last night to rally against Prop. 8’s passage and vow to continue to work for LGBT equality. Kate Kendell: “It is a shameful day and it is a day the state will live to regret.”
11.06.08 10:58 am - Exit polls suggested that evangelical voters and voters from rural sections of Ark. most strongly supported the state’s adoption ban, which passed Tuesday with 56.9 percent of the vote.
11.06.08 10:54 am - Now that Prop. 8 has passed, a leader of the Mormon church claims he would like to both supporters and opponents of the ban to treat each other with “civility, with respect and with love.”
11.06.08 10:49 am - Four Democrats in the N.Y. State Senate refused to commit to backing Sen. Malcolm A. Smith, a member of their party, for majority leader. Mr. Smith indicated he would allow a vote on marriage for gay couples, but he and other senators said Wed. they would not focus on the issue.
11.06.08 10:40 am - Calif. voters’ decisions on various ballot initiatives, including a slight majority approval of Prop. 8, reflect the variety and unpredictability of the political views of the state’s residents.
11.06.08 10:36 am - Many gay people and their allies in Fla. are concerned about the passage of Amendment 2 and its potential ramifications on both gay and straight unions in the state.
11.06.08 10:27 am - S.F. Mayor Gavin Newsom’s actions and words in support of LGBT equality were used by the Prop. 8 campaign to produce misleading ads about marriage for gay couples. Newsom vows to continue to back LGBT issues throughout his political career.
11.06.08 10:23 am - Officials in Kern County, Calif., stopped issuing marriage licenses to gay couples after Prop. 8 passed Tuesday, claiming, “A constitutional amendment is supposed to take effect immediately.”
11.06.08 10:17 am - A judge sentenced openly gay Adrian Allen to six years in prison after Allen pleaded guilty to manslaughter in the death of a man he says threatened him using anti-gay slurs.
11.06.08 10:14 am - The mayor of Turlock, Calif., called for an investigation into automated phone messages voters that urged voters to reject Prop. 8 and claimed to (but reportedly did not) come from the campaign of City Council candidate Mary Jackson.
11.06.08 10:07 am - Incumbent Democrats in N.C. districts considered Republican-leaning were reelected Tuesday, including Julie Boseman, who is the state legislature’s first openly gay member.
11.06.08 10:00 am - Tuesday’s slight majority vote to take away marital protections from gay Californians will affect wedding vendors and service providers who enjoyed a boost in business after the state’s marriage ban was lifted.
11.06.08 09:57 am - The Palm Springs Desert Sun’s editorial board write of their disappointment over Prop. 8’s passage, but say, “[W]e believe change is inevitable, and none of us can truly enjoy our civil rights if some of us are lacking the same rights.”
11.06.08 09:50 am - Former Fillmore, Calif., Mayor Mike McMahan was cited on suspicion of misdemeanor petty theft Tuesday in connection with the removal of pro-Prop. 8 signs from property.
11.05.08 10:44 am - The Los Angeles Police Department issued a citywide tactical alert Wednesday, requiring all available officers to respond to a Hollywood demonstration against Prop. 8. Despite several arrests, the protest was mostly peaceful.
11.04.08 10:33 am - Openly gay Hillsborough County, Fla., Commissioner Brian Blair was the subject of a pro-Amendment 2 recorded campaign call that drew attention to his sexual orientation on the eve of the election.
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