Top Stories Today - 11.05.2008

  National News: Los Angeles TimesGay Marriage Ban Leading 11.05.08 05:48 am - As of early Wednesday morning, Prop. 8 is slightly ahead in California. The Times reports that If the anti-gay amendment passes, the future of marital protections for 18,000 gay couples who wed since the state lifted its ban may be uncertain. Associated Press: Ark. Voters OK Unmarried Foster, Adoption Bans 11.05.08 05:42 am - Arkansas voters decided in favor of an anti-gay measure banning unmarried couples from becoming foster or adoptive parents. Associated Press: Florida Voters Pass Amendment Banning Gay Marriage 11.05.08 05:26 am - Fla.’s anti-gay marriage initiative, Amendment 2, passed with 62 percent of the vote, just above the 60 percent such amendment requires to become law. Associated Press: Arizona Voters OK Amendment Banning Gay Marriage 11.05.08 04:44 am - Arizona voters approved a ballot initiative to amend the state’s constitution to ban marriage equality, despite the fact that Ariz. already denies marriage protections to gay couples.   Regional News: Hartford Courant (CT): Constitutional Convention Rejected  11.05.08 08:29 am - Conn. voters rejected Question 1 by 60 percent. If it had passed, the ballot question would have resulted in a constitutional convention that could have potentially led to marriage equality being eliminated in the state. The Denver Post (CO): Polis Achieves a Trailblazing House Victory  11.05.08 08:21 am - Democratic candidate Jared Polis defeated Republican Scott Starin in the 2nd Congressional District to become the first openly gay person from Colo. elected to Congress. Rocky Mountain News (CO): Betsy Markey Defeats Marilyn Musgrave To Take the 4th  11.05.08 08:11 am - U.S. Rep. Marilyn Musgrave - known for her outspoken anti-gay stance on issues such as marriage equality - was defeated by Democrat Betsy Markey in the race for Colo.’s 4th Congressional District. Associated Press (CA): Exit Poll: California Voters of All Backgrounds Come Together to Support Obama  11.05.08 06:46 am - Preliminary results from Calif. exit polls for the Associated Press found that minorities and young voters were among Obama’s strongest supporters in the state. On Prop. 8, voters under 30 heavily opposed, while those 65 and over tended to favor the initiative. The Boston Globe (MA): New Era Beginning for Party in Power  11.05.08 06:40 am - Democrats won both the presidency and many key House and Senate seats on Election Day. Openly gay Rep. Barney Frank called the election results “a new deal” and said he would work toward developing legislation that advances LGBT equality. Associated Press (CA): Former NBA Star Wins Sacramento Mayor Race  11.05.08 06:36 am - Sacramento, Calif., elected in its first African American mayor, former NBA star Kevin Johnson. Johnson opposed Prop. 8, but said he believes marriage should be between a man and a woman. The Dallas Morning News (TX): Valdez Triumphant in Bid for 2nd Term as Dallas County Sheriff  11.05.08 06:30 am - Dallas County Sheriff Lupe Valdez, who became the county’s first openly gay Latina sheriff four years ago, was elected to a second term Tuesday, defeating an opponent who out-fundraised and outspent her. Detroit Free Press (MI): Hamtramck Repeals Discrimination Ban  11.05.08 06:25 am - Voters in Hamtramck, Mich., repealed a human rights ordinance aimed at barring discrimination against LGBT people, among other groups. San Francisco Chronicle (CA): OP-ED: Gays and Asians, Not So Strange Bedfellows  11.05.08 06:15 am - Jeff Yang writes about the anniversary of Harvey Milk’s death and upcoming biopic on the LGBT equality advocate possibly helping the Bay Area’s LGBT and Asian American communities find more common ground. San Francisco Chronicle (CA): Castro Celebrates Obama, Fears a Prop. 8 Win  11.05.08 05:54 am - Thousands in S.F.’s Castro district celebrated Obama’s victory, but the community remains anxious over the potential passage of Prop. 8 and loss of marriage protections for gay Californians. Miami Herald (FL): Constitutional Ban on Same-Sex Marriage Headed for the Books  11.05.08 04:00 am - Fla.’s anti-gay Amendment 2 appears headed for approval with 95 percent of statewide precincts reporting.