Election News Update - 2:47am

Associated Press: Record Turnout Expected as Californians Cast Votes on Key Initiatives 11.05.08 12:50 am - Though California voters came out in record numbers for Barack Obama, polls suggest a “virtual tossup” in the outcome of the Prop. 8 battle. The Washington Post: EDITORIAL: Hate Crimes 11.05.08 12:44 am - The Washington Post calls FBI statistics that found a 5.5 percent increase in hate crimes based on sexual orientation “cause for concern,” saying, “offenses rooted in animus toward a victim’s real or perceived characteristics are especially pernicious.” Hartford Courant (CT): Election Results 11.05.08 01:43 am - In Conn., 82 percent of voting precincts are now reporting that 60 percent of the state’s voters said “no” to Question 1. Los Angeles Times: In Conservative Temecula and Murrieta, McCain and Prop. 8 Rule the Day 11.05.08 12:55 am - Despite most of Calif. voting Democratic in the presidential election, much of a traditionally Republican area of Riverside County seems to have voted for McCain and in favor of the anti-gay Prop. 8.   Associated Press (CA): Gay Marriage Leads Long List of Calif. Initiatives 11.04.08 10:00 pm - Among the 12 ballot initiatives Calif. voters will decide on this Election Day, Prop. 8 by far generated the most attention and the most expensive campaigns on both sides of the issue.   Associated Press (NC): Partisan Makeup of NC Supreme Court At Stake 11.04.08 09:55 pm - N.C. voters will decide on several state Supreme Court justices and Court of Appeals judges in tonight’s election, including choosing between openly gay Judge John Arrowood, who is seeking a full term, and his opponent, Bob Hunter.   CBS5.com [San Francisco] (CA): No On 8 Ad Denounced As ‘Religious Bigotry’ 11.04.08 09:42 pm - Several Calif. religious leaders spoke out against the Courage Campaign TV ad dramatizing Mormon support of Prop. 8. The ad is not affiliated with the No on 8 campaign.