Drink Your MILK!

November 3, 2008
It’s time for your daily glass of MILK, dear readers! glaadBLOG is counting down the days until the Harvey Milk biopic opens November 26, and that means YOU get to read a fun fact every day about the movie or the man, compliments of San Francisco magazine. According to activist Sally Gearhart, Harvey Milk reached out to lesbians.
The Mayor of Castro Street is a perfect example of the attitude among many gay men back then — it left out any feminist theories or feminist ideals. Harvey Milk was different. He was a good feminist. He always asked the right questions: “What’s this going to do for women? Is this a sexist thing that we’re doing?” He had an understanding of how women were treated politically, and what had to happen in order for them to take their place in society. When it came to fighting the Briggs Initiative, he insisted that we have an equal number of women on that board, and he reached out to me to be his partner in the debates.