Acceptance On Stage Encounters Hate Off Stage


Peter Mac

Peter Mac

Through the play, Mac shares his painful experiences as a teenager, being targeted for being openly gay. During the second week of preview shows, the experiences onstage took a whole other meaning when an audience member began shouting out anti-gay slurs in the middle of a performance.

While the police were being called, the audience member exited the building.  The man has not been identified and was not apprehended.

This was the second incident in one week, as a few days prior a homophobic epithet was etched outside the theater's marquee.

While "Judy and Me" revisits Mac's past, these events exemplify the homophobia that is still prevalent in today's society.  Mac shared with us last week:

"I fear that we are in a time when homophobia is at an all time high. Hopefully I can communicate through this play a message of acceptance and hope.  It is clear that despite all of the progress our community has made, there are many people who still need to be educated."

As production continues, hopefully the play will communicate its message of acceptance to a wider audience and help prevent such incidents from occurring again.