Lance Bass Represents

September 16, 2008
Said to have been 'N Sync's worst dancer, Lance Bass is looking to prove he has what it takes on Dancing with the Stars this season. And he's not just representing himself -- as DWTS's first openly gay dancer, he senses a responsibility to positively represent the LGBT community, as well. Lance told E!'s Marc Malkin, "I think it's so important for me to do this. But my biggest concern is I just hope it doesn't hurt the gay community in any way because, you know, we definitely can be scrutinized and picked apart. I definitely feel a responsibility of making sure I represent well." Though DTWS rehearsals are tiring and time-consuming, Lance made sure to put in a recent appearance at a West Hollywood fundraiser for No on 8, a campaign to fight the November ballot measure that would ban same-sex marriage in California. "I'm definitely not political," Bass told Malkin. "But I know what's right and wrong, and I know that's wrong. So I'm going to speak up about it. It's just common sense." His future plans play no small part in his current activism: "I think everyone dreams of that nice romantic wedding. And I love kids. I want to adopt and I want to have my own." Click  here for the full E! article.