Michael Douglas as Liberace?

September 11, 2008
Director Steven Soderbergh is in the early stages of developing a biopic of the fabulous and fantastical closeted pianist Libarace. And he's asked one of his favored actors, Michael Douglas, to play him. Another Soderbergh fave has also been tapped for the project: If talks go well, Matt Damon may end up portraying Scott Thorson, who sued Liberace in 1982 for $113 million in palimony, claiming he was Liberace's partner for five years. (He settled for $95,000 in 1986). No word as to when the project will get underway -- or if it will ever -- but we'll definitely be keeping our eyes peeled for updates, bringing them to you as soon as we hear! For more information on the film, please read Daily Variety's full story.