Wes Anderson Remakes French Film Favorite

September 10, 2008
Universal Pictures and Imagine Entertainment have snagged indie fave Wes Anderson to write My Best Friend, a remake of the 2006 French hit comedy Mon meilleur ami. In the original film, François (played by Daniel Auteuil) is a middle-aged antique dealer. He has a stylish apartment and a fabulous life, but at a dinner with a group he considers his dearest acquaintances, he is blindsided by the revelation that none of them actually likes him.
Writer/Director Wes Anderson

Writer/Director Wes Anderson

His lesbian business partner Catherine (Julie Gayet) makes him a bet: if he can produce his best friend, she will let him keep the massive Greek vase he acquired that afternoon on the company tab. If not, it's hers. Thus begins his travels through Paris in search of a best friend. Like most French comedies, Mon meilleur ami is charming, chatty and seemingly effortless, like many of Anderson's films (well, maybe not the "effortless" part; he's got a heavy hand when it comes to set design -- remember that huge, impressive boat in The Life Aquatic? But I digress...) My question is thus: will Anderson keep the character of Catherine lesbian? Or, like many American remakes, will she be de-gayed as a possible love interest for the male lead? Our LGBT film-loving fingers are crossed!