Top Stories Today - 09.04.2008

National News:

The New York Times - McCain Policies Differ Sharply From Party Plank

The New York Times - Smoother Transitions

Associated Press - Pentecostalism Obscured in Palin Biography

Reuters - "Next Top Model" Brings Transgender In From Cold

 Regional News:

San Francisco Chronicle (CA) - EDITORIAL: Palin Seizes the Night, But Questions Remain

The Columbus Dispatch (OH) - Church Turns Pop Lyrics Into a Bit of Brimstone

San Francisco Chronicle (CA) - Mayor Puts S.F.'s ID Card Program on Hold (VA) - No Gay Sex, Please; We're from Virginia

Missoulian (MT) - Missoula Launches Stop Bias Crimes Campaign

Detroit Free Press (MI) - Hamtramck Ordinance Question Has to Change

Lawrence Journal-World & News (KS) - Violence Against Gay, Lesbian Residents Sparks New Group

Press-Telegram (CA) - Man Considered Suicide Before Killing

Miami Herald (FL) - OP-ED: Losing Miami-Dade Schools' TRUST Program Would Set Gay Students Adrift

Lawrence World Journal - Violence against gay, lesbian residents sparks new group

International News:

ABC News (Australia) - Govt Introduces Legislation to End Same-Sex Discrimination

Sify News (Australia) - Lesbian Couple In the Dock for Kissing on Dubai Beach

From the Blogs:

Towleroad - Fran Drescher Fights Anti-Gay Marriage Amendment in California

*On Log Cabin's Endorsement of John McCain (click here for video)

Gay News Blog - Gay Republicans: GOP on 'wrong side of history'

Queerty - Log Cabin Warns GOP Not To Be On "Wrong Side" Of History

Good As You - Video: Remind us to never ask Patrick Sammon to define 'inclusive'

Gay Patriot - Why Log Cabin McCain Endorsement is HUGE

Towleroad - Killer of Gay Teen's Gloating Explanation: 'Because I Wanted To'

Joe. My. God. - NY Gov Wins Gay Marriage Challenge

Good As You - Dude calls our unions fake; We say: ' They're real -- you can touch 'em if you want '!

Pam's House Blend - Exodus launches special pray-away-the-gay program for women

Towleroad - EXCLUSIVE: Mayor Bloomberg to Announce Comprehensive Initiatives Combating Anti-Gay Bulling in NYC Schools