Swingtown Creator Goes BiCostal

September 4, 2008

Mike Kelley, the creator and executive producer of CBS' steamy summer series Swingtown, has just signed off on a two-year

overall deal with CBS Paramount Network TV, allowing him to develop a new show.

Enter BiCostal. This one-hour drama, expected to air on CBS sister network Showtime, "centers on a successful man who struggles to balance family life with his wife and kids in Los Angeles as he falls in love with a man in New York," according to the Hollywood Reporter.

A leading bisexual male character on television is extremely rare. In GLAAD's "Where We Are on TV" diversity study last year, the only leading bisexual men were found on Torchwood, a British import that aired on BBC America. (And might I point out that it's a sci-fi series, so BiCoastal is especially groundbreaking, as it's set in present day America.)

"I want to give BiCoastal a bit of a harder edge and heightened sense of drama," Kelley told the Hollywood Reporter.

Alan Poul (Six Feet Under) is expected to join Kelley in directing and producing.