Join us as we count down to 2012 by looking back at some of this years highlights in LGBT media advocacy. We couldn’t have achieved these accomplishments without you. During the 12 days of GLAAD, join GLAAD for only $12 for 2012 so we can continue to amplify LGBT voices in the coming year and beyond!

Day 12

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Day 11

It’s Time

This impassioned video from GetUp! Australia is a must-watch. It quickly went viral with over 4 million views in less than a month. Images like this and our own personal stories are moving our culture to equality.

Day 10

Amplify Your Voice PSAs

Celebrities like Vinny Guadagnino from MTV’s “Jersey Shore” teamed up with GLAAD to film a series of PSAs that empower viewers to take a stand against anti-LGBT bullying.

Day 9

The repeal of ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’

Photo by Jeff Sheng.

The military’s ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ policy was officially repealed this year and took effect in September. Brave gay and lesbian service members can finally serve their country openly and honestly. We salute them!

Day 8

Ricky Martin Accepts the Vito Russo Award at the GLAAD Media Awards in New York

Ricky Martin’s decision to speak to media about his life as a gay man has had a tremendous impact worldwide, especially for Latino youth and their parents. Through his music video, “The Best Thing About Me Is You,” and his bestselling autobiography, “Me,” Martin promotes self-acceptance and diversity.

Day 7

Spirit Day

Millions of Americans – including celebrities, GSAs, corporations, faith leaders, and The White House - went purple in support of LGBT youth and took a stand against bullying on the second annual Spirit Day.

Day 6

Day 5

Celebrating one year of Marriage Equality in Washington, D.C.

Aisha and Danielle were among those first couples to apply for a marriage license after the capital became the sixth jurisdiction to legalize marriage. Read more:

Day 4


Chaz Bono danced his way into hearts and households across the country by competing on ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars.” His participation was a landmark achievement for transgender visibility in our culture!

Day 3

Facebook adds ‘In a Civil Union’ and ‘In a Domestic Partnership’ to relationship status options

On February 17, 2011, Facebook set a new standard for inclusion by adding ‘In a Civil Union’ and ‘In a Domestic Partnership’ options to user profiles.

Day 2

Stand with New York. I do.

Newlyweds Tiffany & Meredith give an interview with NBC Nightly News outside the Manhattan City Clerk's office on July 24. Read more at

Day 1

GLAAD: 25 years of amplifying LGBT voices

Formed in New York in 1985 to protest the New York Post's offensive and sensational stories about HIV/AIDS, GLAAD put pressure on media organizations to end the trend of homophobic reporting. Read more at